Q1. Path order of priority? (Single column & row)
Craigiebuckler Avenue – SpringfieldRoad, (via Walker Dam)Countesswells Avenue -Craigiebuckler DriveCountesswells Avenue -Countesswells RoadHazeldene Road - CountesswellsAvenueHazeldene Road - CraigiebucklerAvenueRubislaw Park Road - ViewfieldGardens (via Johnston Gardens)Springfield Road - Rubislaw ParkRoad02040601st1st2nd2nd3rd3rd4th4th5th5th6th6th7th7th
Craigiebuckler Avenue – Springfield Road, (via Walker Dam) 49 27 41 20 14 9 14
Countesswells Avenue - Craigiebuckler Drive 43 31 24 23 27 19 7
Countesswells Avenue - Countesswells Road 10 25 33 26 30 23 27
Hazeldene Road - Countesswells Avenue 16 31 31 45 24 14 13
Hazeldene Road - Craigiebuckler Avenue 26 21 20 37 36 12 22
Rubislaw Park Road - Viewfield Gardens (via Johnston Gardens) 18 24 12 10 28 61 21
Springfield Road - Rubislaw Park Road 12 15 13 13 15 36 70
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Q2. How often do you use the path(s)? (Single)174 responses
020406080Multiple times a dayOnce a dayA few times a weekRarely56 (32.2%)56 (32.2%)33 (19%)33 (19%)73 (42%)73 (42%)12 (6.9%)12 (6.9%)
Multiple times a day 56
Once a day 33
A few times a week 73
Rarely 12
12 (6.9%)
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Q3. What you use the path(s) for? (Multiple)
174 responses
050100150200Access to natureCommutingExerciseSocializing107 (61.5%)107 (61.5%)61 (35.1%)61 (35.1%)164 (94.3%)164 (94.3%)56 (32.2%)56 (32.2%)
Access to nature 107
Commuting 61
Exercise 164
Socializing 56
56 (32.2%)
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Q4. What path(s) improvements? (Multiple)
174 responses
050100150AccessibilityBetter upkeepDrainageLandscapingLightingSeatingSignage/WayfindingUse for a pram - flatUrgent need for a pedestrian…The road needs to be resurf…Tarmac from cragiebuckler D…Solar lightingRemove dead trees from vici…More dog waste binsKeep as natural as possible…More Dog waste and rubbish…More dog poo binsMore dog pop binsN/ACherry blossom tree planting73 (42%)73 (42%)132 (75.9%)132 (75.9%)128 (73.6%)128 (73.6%)25 (14.4%)25 (14.4%)73 (42%)73 (42%)49 (28.2%)49 (28.2%)26 (14.9%)26 (14.9%)2 (1.1%)2 (1.1%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)1 (0.6%)
Accessibility 73
Better upkeep 132
Drainage 128
Landscaping 25
Lighting 73
Seating 49
Signage/Wayfinding 26
Use for a pram - flat 1
Urgent need for a pedestrian crossing at the Countesswells Road end of the path between countesswells avenue and countesswells road. The lack of a crossing makes this attractive path very difficult to access from the Airyhall side and also very difficult to safely tag on to any other walk. This road is very busy at some times. This issue is not in the spirit of providing a community infrastructure. 1
The road needs to be resurfaced not just potholes filled . I have to report them several times a year 1
Tarmac from cragiebuckler Drive to Countesswells Av. 1
Solar lighting 1
Remove dead trees from vicinity of paths. 1
More dog waste bins 1
Keep as natural as possible but maintain and keep well drained. 1
More Dog waste and rubbish bins would be handy. 1
More dog poo bins 1
More dog pop bins 1
N/A 1
Cherry blossom tree planting 1
1 (0.6%)
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Q5. Favourite social media platform? (Single/Optional)152 responses
020406080DiscordFacebookInstagramTikTokTwitterYouTubeN/ANoneDon’t use anynextdoor1 (0.7%)1 (0.7%)72 (47.4%)72 (47.4%)29 (19.1%)29 (19.1%)3 (2%)3 (2%)11 (7.2%)11 (7.2%)24 (15.8%)24 (15.8%)27 (17.8%)27 (17.8%)3 (2%)3 (2%)2 (1.3%)2 (1.3%)1 (0.7%)1 (0.7%)1 (0.7%)1 (0.7%)
Discord 1
Facebook 72
Instagram 29
TikTok 3
Twitter 11
YouTube 24
N/A 27
None 3
Don’t use any 1
nextdoor 1
2 (1.3%)
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Q6. Your postcode?
174 responses
AB15 8FL
AB15 8NR
AB15 8NX
AB15 8HJ
AB15 8SG
AB15 8JX
AB15 8BT
AB15 8LS
AB15 8LT
AB15 8NQ
AB15 8LB
AB15 7SD
AB15 8LY
AB15 8LN
AB15 8ND
AB15 8NL
AB15 8NS
AB15 8NP
AB15 8DE
AB15 8HT
AB15 8JT
AB15 8JQ
AB15 8SH
AB15 8LX
AB15 8DA
AB15 8JB
AB15 8HX
AB15 8LP
AB15 8SX
AB15 7RS
AB15 8SU
AB15 8NJ
AB15 8LU
AB15 8FP
AB15 8QH
AB15 7QT
AB15 8JJ
AB15 8JD
AB15 8LQ
AB15 7YR
AB15 8SW
AB15 8JA
AB15 8LL
AB15 8NT
AB15 8SE
AB15 8FR
AB15 7SB
AB15 7UH
AB10 6QF
AB15 7XH
AB15 7YJ
AB15 7TJ
AB15 7QD
AB15 7RR
AB15 7XA
AB15 7RH
AB15 8QU
AB15 7UN
AB15 8NN
AB15 8LD
AB15 8AA
AB15 8FN
AB15 7SE
AB15 8NH
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Q7.  Additional comments?90 responses
Very rarely use path now it is unsafe underfoot. If Dandara have completed work at suds it hasn’t improved situation. Thank goodness
Need to sort out the drainage
Recent local path upgrades (Springfield road to Craigiebuckler drive) have significantly improved accessibility for buggy and greatly appreciated.
Litter tree debris clearance every once in a while
Better Wheelchair access would be good
Highest priority by a mile is to pave the path down to Johnston Gardens from Rubislaw Park Road and improve drainage
There is a need for lighting on the small bridge between Woodburn Gardens and Kildrummy Road. The path is impassable at night as it is completely dark. This means a lengthy detour just for the sake of one streetlight.
The path from Hazeldene Road to Countesswells Avenue is particularly difficult to walk along for those with physical disabilities due to how stoney it is - it would be ideal if this path could smoothed over or have seating part of the way. The path around Walker Dam and between Countesswells Avenue and Road are particularly prone to flooding. Given that all the paths are quite narrow, prone to flooding, shrouded by trees with shallow roots, and home to wildlife such as red squirrels, hedgehogs and deer, that are either nocturnal or easily spooked, I'm don't think that adding lighting is a good solution - better to have extra signage warning users of ice/flooding for the winter time.
Path Kinaldie Crescent to Woodburn Gardens needs to be added. It is used often by many people and would be safer if lit.
I would like to see lighting between Airyhall and Hazlehead paths as kids use these routes to get to Hazlehead schools
Core path from Hazledene Road to north SUDS pond by care home needs attention as it is increasingly waterlogged
The path between hazledene road and craigiebuckler av is soo muddy at the wee bridge section it is barely passable especially if there has been any rain in the past few days. this needs urgent attention
The paths network is essential to combatting climate change so let's not release loads of carbon in the process of trying to mitigate it. That is i would prefere well maintained gravelled paths rather than tarmac.
Countesswells Ave to Hazledene Rd would be my top priority as my kids walk this way to school and it is an absolute quagmire, even now in May, at the bridge/burn beside Hazledene Road. It can be impossible in winter.
Cycle access is priority (tar path) with good drainage
The paths should be of tar, as previous attempts to fix using smaller stones have all been washed away. What a waste of money !!
The lighting between RPR and Springfield Road on the walkway is insufficient and the potholes are ridiculous. I have to report them several times a year . They will cause a serious accident one of these days and this path is used by many cyclists , and walkers as well as elderly residents
great initiative! i think the pathways are generally ok, perhaps a little better drainage in some spots over winter / after rain. some seating would be nice. personally i don't feel the need for lighting or too much tarmac, but i understand this may be important to many folks. if lighting was installed, could it be 'smart' motion sensing lighting to avoid wasted electricity when there's no pedestrians? finally, i have noted more and more super fast e-bikes, and even unlicensed trails bikes, on suburban roads and pathways. maybe improving pathways too much will only serve to cater for this antisocial (and dangerous) activity... not sure? The tarmac'd path from springfield road to countesswells av is very handy Greg, AB15 8JX Woodburn Crescent
Hazledene Road- footpath alongside / behind stone dyke at Woodburn Cresent end is liable to flooding and needs remedial work to lift path above water level.
Hard landscaped paths with drainage and lighting with suitable on/off ramps (dropped kerbs) for all users to access
What about the path behind mcaully houses upper part complete and then onto Springfield done bit in middle forgotten?? Also barriers to stop vehicle access as various vehicles been on the grass behind mcaully homes and left deep ruts that fill with water.
In addition to improved maintenance and drainage, ACC should consider planting more trees and shrubs e.g. 1. the Culter Bypass 2. the area adjacent to the path from Springfield Road to Rubislaw Park Road (directly opposite Craigiebuckler Church) where large Cypress conifers were removed in ‘22 leaving a mess of tree chippings and weeds Planting will improve drainage, decrease the need to cut grass and better support wildlife
Would be good to have appropriate species of trees planted opposite Craigiebuckler Church/along Springfield Road, good to give paths better drainage, better upkeep
Please fill in the pot holes of existing pavements
South side Woodburn Avenue and east side Woodburn Place footpaths are bad trip hazards due to their poor condition. These footpaths are used extensively by the public especially as access to the schools.
Less dog fouling.
Noticed a massive difference for access on the path along the side of the Scout hut that has been tarred. It’s a shame that it wasn’t carried along from Craigiebuckler drive to countesswells avenue.
As a keen cyclist I appreciate all efforts to make cycling safer during my commute and exercise. However, in my opinion overgrown roundabouts creates the greatest danger. Clear sight of roundabout access points is vital to all traffic safety
Paths, especially number 3, become a quagmire after the least rain. These paths are used frequently by walkers + dogs! No 3 path especially to access Aldi
I really enjoy walking for exercise in my local area, however, the condition of the paths along the river to Craigiebuckler Avenue and to the Walker Dam is so poor at times (boggy and waterlogged) that I just don’t use it anymore.
I watched the path alongside the burn at the back of Monymusk Terrace being laid. It was such a poor job that schoolchildren left messages in the wet cement commenting on its potential short lifespan. It was even worse than they anticipated as it was wrecked within a couple of months. If you lay a new path anywhere please ensure it is to the same standard as the new one alongside the Scout hut.
Paths are wonderful addition to area, let’s create more and collectively maintain them, thank you
Cut grass along the edge of burn
New rubbish bins needed in areas with new housing.
Would be good to have the path between countesswells ave and craigiebuckler drive tarred to complete the section all the way to Springfield road as the taring of the path in the grass area from Springfield road has made a huge difference and is well used
Thank you very much for all the work done
Footpath requires tarred between craigiebuckler dr and countesswells Avenue
Paths which have already been done are well done and much appreciated. More of the same please.
Paths are generally good but the hazledene road/craigiebuckler ave path can become almost impassable after heavy rain.
I have no complaints about letting the grass and wildflowers grow around the paths
Great proactive thinking
The paths are vital for healthy living
It's okay just now, but in the winter its a nightmare to walk because of the mud and no lighting!
No lighting required, keep natural, avoid light pollution and keep grounds as natural as possible.
Thank you
Please stop tarring everything. Talk about paving paradise! Path improvements would be more sympathetic with the nature environment, with maintaining the current gravel type surfaces. Tar will need other maintenance like gritting. It becomes a slip hazard in winter. And will need pothole repairs from water/ice damage. Tree roots break the surface over time causing further trip hazards and will also need maintenance. See the local old deeside line for a similar scenario. I use these paths to get into nature and to purposely get away from hard surfaces like pavements and roads. There are sections that are prone to flooding, or currently exist as 'desire lines'. They should be the 1st priority to bring in line with the rest of the gravel surfacing rather than tarring over everything as a quick fix.
No investment in maintaining original burns
Drainage is the main problem the paths get very muddy this is exacerbated bikes using the paths
A dog waste bin on Craigiebuckler Ave (Burnieboozle side) would be ideal as there is currently only a general waste bin which is next to a children’s play park
Better upkeep of these routes would be beneficial to all!
These paths are what makes the area special and it would be a very positive step if they are upgraded and maintained.
Better lighting Springfield Road/Rubislaw Park Road would be good. Path resurfacing from Walker Dam to Hazlehead would be make a huge difference.
Great effort people
Accessibility for most of the core paths for disabled residents is poor. Walker Dan Ponds are not maintained so reserves available wildlife. Most paths are used by walkers and runners and are very muddy and slippery when wet.
The path resurfacing already done from Springfield Road to beyond the petrol station has made a fantastic difference.
The grassy area and pathways between Countesswells Dandara development and Springfield Road are shocking! Almost impossible on wheelchair or pram. Would be a fantastic bike trail and footpath for small children and families.
Many of the paths identified are now virtually inaccessible for use by wheeled transport (Prams, wheelchairs, scooters, bikes etc) or for people with walking aids - which reduces actual use.
Improvements to Springfield Road to Craigiebuckler Drive excellent similar standard for other paths in the area.
These are well used paths and this should be encouraged to promote health, exercise, mental well being and an awareness of what is going on in the local environment.
The core paths are an excellent improvement, but grass cutting is greatly needed! Impossible to use the grass on either side of the new path from Craigiebuckler Drive to Springfield Road. Children forced to play football in street! Very unsafe (Craigiebuckler Terrace)
We need the grass to be cut. It is very high, some areas are 2-3ft high! The weeds are coming into my back garden which backs into the field. Also the children are now forced to play football in the street as impossible to play football in the long grass. Ticks and loose balls!
Separate issue, but I am forever litter picking on these paths. Increasing amount of discarded items.
Like it to look natural, not concreted over to make more accessible. Stop cutting down trees unless absolutely necessary. We are loosing too many!
Concerned that if these paths become too accessible. They will be attractive to electric cycles and scooters. Also cyclists need to have bells. You don’t hear them approaching! Dogs on leads? Far too many uncontrolled.
Thought this was supposed to be anonymous?
Appreciate drainage complex in area full of springs, possibly boardwalks in worst areas? Paths are a wonderful asset to the area and upkeep important!
Now in our eighties so don’t use anymore. Wife an invalid.
It was necessary before, but very very necessary since the garage/shop opened on Springfield Road. That we have a pedestrian crossing leading to Johnston Gardens. Not necessarily with traffic lights just a black and white markings on the road so cars know to stop. The island that is presently there is not fit for purpose. It is not big enough to stand in the middle of the road with cars whizzing past. It is frightening for people and dogs to be stuck there. As no driver stops to let you to continue to cross the road. Also it is not possible with dogs, prams and bicycle’s to get stuck in the middle of the road as they can protrude into the road. It’s an accident waiting to happen. Just to let you know fire tenders coming at speed from Queens Road down Springfield Road are unable to take the bend at the island and come down the wrong side of the road. The road going from Rubislaw Care Home down to Johnston Gardens is terrible for elderly people walking or in a wheelchair. It’s not really a road just a path. Thank you.
The walk to Hazelhead/football pitches. (Off Craigiebuckler) had the worst mud we have ever seen in 48 years. The school children using this path to school and anyone walking ie dog walkers, was covered in mud!
If No.6 includes the path which runs from the entrance to the Rubislaw Park Care Home, down into Johnston Gardens, then it has been astonishingly ignored for some years making it unusable for the unfit or less able. I heartily endorse it’s repair by resurfacing it, A.S.A.P.!
The paths are generally in good shape, but maybe drainage is the most needed improvement.
Limit bikes on narrow paths as it’s dangerous for pedestrians.
Drainage is an issue in certain areas just particularly at the burn between Hazeldene Road and Countesswells Avenue, which is totally impassible at certain times. Therefore, this would be an important improvement!
Recent improvements much appreciated, can walk cleanly and quickly from MacAulay Drive to Springfield Road now.
It would be great if these paths could be upgraded and it would look good for the neighbourhood.
Because of back problems, my physio’s instructions have to be carried out and that means it walking each day 2-3 times, for at least 20 times each time. An occasional seat would be good for a 92 year old who is sometimes tired by the 3rd walk, near the weekend!
Better up keep of the grass in the field as it gets so high I can barely see my dogs!! Plus you don’t know what you are standing on.
The road in Rubislaw Park Road leading from lane (Craigiebuckler Drive) has lots of bumps and not maintained. Benches, flowers, landscaping paths would be beneficial beautiful area and walls. Johnston Gardens is Buddy walk/area. Paths should all be redone.
Trees at the back of houses at Woodburn Crescent need to be top as too high as it blocks out light to gardens and houses branches need to be cut back.
The path running from Craigiebuckler Avenue to Hazeldene Road, merging beside the new car home, is in urgent need of restoration as it turns into an absolute swamp after any prolonged wet weather.
Hazeldene Road to Countesswells Road, does not need resurfaced or widening, otherwise will become a road. Fine as it is.
I do not know what a core path is and where I can find it near my home! So I cannot answer the above question’s. It is my opinion that the council should be spending its money on repairing our streets and getting rid of potholes which are rapidly increasing in number, size and depth and are a danger to all uncared as increasingly one has to swerve to avoid them. Would like to get feedback from you on this most important issue.
I commend all the time and effort you put into serve the community, thank you! Short far easier to navigate the Muhros in mist or in the dark than follow the above paths. Since when we have roads become paths? Seven paths, but six orders of priority? Priorities can vary according to circumstances. I speak as one who walks regularly and has done so locally and has done so for the past 60 years. Any paths available - do not urbanise with tar have over neatness, increased width, destruction of wild growth such as brambles, nettles, dandelions in the broad green grass stretch behind Burnieboozle Crescent to Springfield Road. Perhaps some cherry blossom trees and some seating some places elsewhere could do with better drainage.
Woodland path from Countesswells Avenue to Countesswells Road ie Behind Countesswells Crescent, some areas are very muddy especially winter and trees need cut back and assessed for light and health.
Mud on bridge.
I am not familiar with all the paths and haven’t lived in the area long so am not able to make any useful comments. However, please don’t make them too ‘mauicined’
As we are both in our 80’s we are now unable to use the paths very often.
Some of the paths I have to avoid if it has been raining. They get so muddy they are virtually a no go area.
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