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Goodbye 30 mph!

Published Jun 17, 2024 | Craig Melville | 1.5min to read

A road sign that depicts a speed limit of 20 mph

Aberdeen City Council Considers Expansion of 20 mph Speed Limit

Proposing a significant increase in the number of streets with a 20 mph speed limit. This move aims to improve road safety for pedestrians and cyclists, while also encouraging healthier modes of transportation.

  • Consultation with residents on the proposed changes, which could see hundreds of streets adopt the slower speed limit.
  • Data shows that pedestrians hit at 30 mph are seven times more likely to die than those hit at 20 mph.
  • The Scottish Government also supports the implementation of 20 mph limits in built-up areas.
  • If approved, the number of roads with a 20 mph limit would increase from 1,203 to 2,677.
  • Criteria for selecting roads, prioritizing areas near schools, residential, and community facilities.

This initiative aligns with goals of creating safer streets, promoting walking, cycling, and bus use, and fostering more pleasant neighborhoods in Aberdeen.

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Aberdeen Highland Games

Updated Jun 16, 2024 | Craig Melville | 2min to read

Promotional graphic for Aberdeen Highland Games on 16 June 2024, featuring a kilted man, a dancer, a child with bagpipes, and an athlete, with event details and logo (Event Cancelled).

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 10:00 to 17:30 at Hazlehead Park (Cancelled)

Unfortunately due to heavier than forecast rain overnight making the event site and car park unsafe, the Highland Games at Hazlehead Park, due to take place today, has been cancelled.

Refunds will be issued via Eventbrite during the next week!

Highland Games Competitions

Interested, read the Rules and Regulations and Competition FAQs before entering. 

Additional Activities and Stage Performances

Fun free activities will be available for all ages to enjoy throughout the day! Please note that there might be age restrictions in order to ensure a safe enjoyable experience for all.

Trade and Charity Stalls

You can view the trade and charity stalls.

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Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

Published May 31, 2024 | Craig Melville | 2min to read

Low Emission Zone Scotland text logo.

Starting Saturday, June 1, 2024, in Aberdeen City Centre

The LEZ was introduced in May 2022 with a two-year grace period. This grace period ends on Saturday, after which enforcement will begin.

The Aberdeen LEZ is an area in the city centre where only certain vehicles with lower emissions are allowed to enter. This initiative aims to tackle air pollution, particularly nitrogen dioxide (NO2), caused by road traffic.

How does the LEZ work?

  • Operates 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will monitor vehicles entering the zone, checking their compliance with emission standards. Stationary vehicles are exempt
  • Non-compliant vehicles will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to the registered keeper

What are the benefits of the LEZ?

  • Improved air quality
  • Protection of public health and well-being
  • Reduced road transport emissions, supporting Scotland's climate change targets
  • A more vibrant, accessible, and safe city centre
  • Encouragement of sustainable transportation options like walking, cycling, and public transport
  • Increased attractiveness of the City as a place to live, visit, and invest

Aberdeen Low Emission Zone Map (As hosted by Aberdeen City Council)

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Your Police 2024/25

Published May 27, 2024 | Craig Melville | 1min to read

Two officers talking with a member of public

Annual Local Policing Survey

Understanding the views and priorities of Scotland's diverse communities is fundamental to how Police Scotland responds to the needs of the public. Our public engagement activities help us improve how we deliver our policing services in local communities, ensuring they are accessible for everyone.

Survey, open April 11, 2024, closing March 31, 2025

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Community Council Changes

Published Apr 17, 2024 | Craig Melville | 1min to read

An ariel view of Aberdeen City taken by a drone over Balnagask Golf Course looking towards the old harbour

New Community Councils Scheme Approved

Aberdeen City Council approved a scheme to strengthen community councils and give them more influence in city governance. The scheme starts in August 2024 until 2027, and includes improved structures, more democratic representation, and boundary changes for some community councils. These changes aim to better reflect the communities they represent.

  • Boundary changes
  • Community Council name changes
  • Framework changes
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Former Treetops Hotel

Updated Mar 05, 2024 | Robert Frost | 2min to read

Hilton Treetops Development Plan View

Update Provided by the City Council

(The Council has decided to approve the application subject to conditions and legal agreement)

Development (211528/DPP) Approved

Due to the City Council planning department's failure to notify the Community Council of a significant change to the plans in November 2022, we were only given two days to submit comments. After raising the issue further we were given an additional six days enabling us to at least try and engage with our local community to ask for comments. before the postponed planning committee meeting on Thursday, June 8, 2023.

The Planning Committee approved the development 6 votes to 4 in favour of Malcolm Allan Housebuilders.

Proposed site drawings:

Key changes are as follows:

  • Unit count reduced:
    • From 89 units: 35 houses and 54 flats
    • To 77 units: 44 houses and 33 flats
  • Six-storey block of flats in the Northwest corner unchanged
  • Three storey townhouses replace two blocks of flats on Western (rear) boundary
  • Gardens of townhouses face rear boundary
  • Parking removed from associated flats
  • Exclusively market value housing

Changes primarily affect the rear of the site, while the remainder of the site remains largely unchanged from the initial proposal (application 211528). The affordable housing requirement has been relocated off-site to the former Braeside Primary School (application 221310) and the two applications were linked.

Core Path Network

Updated Jul 31, 2023 | Craig Melville | 3min to read

Aberdeen City Council Core Paths Plan

Public Consultation Closed

The Community Council launched a public consultation on improving the core path network in our community. This network is a vital part of our community infrastructure, providing safe and accessible routes for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorised transport. We wanted to hear from you about how we can improve the network to better serve the needs of our community.

Maps showing path routes:

  1. Countesswells Ave - Countesswells Rd
  2. Countesswells Ave - Craigiebuckler Dr
  3. Craigiebuckler Ave - Springfield Rd (via Walker Dam)
  4. Hazledene Rd - Countesswells Ave
  5. Hazledene Rd - Craigiebuckler Ave (Resurfaced)
  6. Rubislaw Park Rd - Viewfield Gdns (via Johnston Gdns)
  7. Springfield Rd - Rubislaw Park Rd
Survey closed on July 31, 2023, thank you for participating.
(Survey Results)

James Hutton Institute

Published Dec 11, 2022 | Robert Frost | 2.5min to read

Rough sketch on left and detailed CAD drawing on right.

Development Craigiebuckler Campus

After hosting an initial public consultation drop-in event on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at the main Campus building the session remained open until Wednesday, March 23, 2022. This included exhibition boards and a website. The James Hutton Institute and MacAulay Development Trust have plans for developing the land and have submitted a planning application for the formation of a new access road coming off Countesswells Road, amended car parking and associated drainage. This is the first phase of planning applications with more expected to be submitted.

The access would include a break in the existing wall, with the reuse of the existing stone to form an attractive entrance to the campus. The new access road seeks to follow the contours of the existing site up to a car park and turning area in front of the existing building. The car park would be amended to enable suitable parking, turning and would include electric car charging facilities. The proposal will also include the creation of SUDs to treat drainage associated with the new access road.

Further details are available on the Aberdeen City Council planning application website.

Deadline for submitting comments and objections was December 23, 2022.

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