Craigiebuckler and Seafield Community Council                 1

   Minutes of the Virtual Meeting of Tuesday 5th March 2024



William Sell (WS), Margaret Meikle (MM), Cameron Campbell (CC), Robert Frost (RF), Craig Melville (CM), Councillor Martin Greig (MG), Councillor Ken McLeod (KM).


Councillor John Cooke, Councillor Jennifer Stewart, Jane Ormerod, Keith Watson.

Police Report.

The Police report was forwarded to all members.

Minutes of the Virtual Meeting of 6th February 2024.

It was agreed to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting.

Treasurer’s Report.

CC reported that £31.00 was paid for the renewal of our website’s domain name. After deducting this amount, the bank balance is £933.88.

Aberdeen City Council has not yet cashed the £300.00 cheque for the Christmas lights. If the deduction of this amount is assumed, the working bank balance will be £633.88.

MG suggested that the Community Council acquires the electronic Bacs (Bankers automated clearing system) for managing its payments. It is the electronic way of transferring money from one bank to another within the UK.

CC and WS will fix a date to attend at the bank to set this up.

The auditing of the accounts was delayed because of illness. They will be available for us on Tuesday 12th March.

CC asked members to consider how the money is to be spent.

Items of expenditure were mentioned, e.g., £30.00 to be expended on the purchase of dog waste bags; Insurance cover by Zurich – premium £97.20.


All items of correspondence have been emailed to members.

Matters arising from the Virtual Meeting of 6th February 2024.

James Hutton Notice Boards: - The new boards could be utilised by the Community Council for posters, minutes of meetings, etc.

MG emailed the Senior Manager on our behalf. In his reply, the Senior manager informed him that there was only limited space. Large maps are already displayed in the notice boards.

MG replied to the effect that we would not need much space.

Setting up Instagram and X accounts to promote contact with more residents: - CM reported that Instagram was set up and X should already exist because we have a Facebook account.

Footpath Survey Results: - CM reported that the survey results are already on the website.

Development of the Treetops site: - MG informed the meeting that the plans were approved in May and there is a legal agreement in place. The Braeside site will contain the low-cost element.

CC Reported that work has now started, including tree felling.

WS asked MG if the path linking Coopers Pond to the site had been approved by the Council. MG answered in the affirmative.

WS thanked Keith Watson, in absentia, for his work in obtaining the information concerning this plan. He proceeded to narrate it to the meeting.

Speeding Traffic on Springfield Road – Follow-up with the Police.

MG reported that Sergeant Ricky Burr organised the installation of an electronic speed monitor to warn drivers of their speed. Drivers were generally driving within the limit. The average speed in 2020 was 27 mph. This rose to 30 miles an hour in February 2024. Sergeant Burr had evaluated the speed data and said that the results were average.

CM reported that bikes have been speeding on Counteswells Rd. He considered that it may be worth moving the warning sign up beside the ALDI store.



Recruitment of members to the Community Council: - WS reminded the attendees that the final meeting of the community council will be in October when those members seeking to continue their membership will be required to complete nomination forms. He emphasised the need to recruit new members to the community council.

Planning Officer’s Report.

RF Reported that the planning application for the site of the former Treetops Hotel was finally approved and its associated legal agreement could be viewed on the Council's website.

Malcolm Allan Housebuilders will have three years - from the date the decision notice - to start the construction work. Once started, the developer is unlimited in the timescale to complete the permitted building work.

MG reported that there is a low level of planning applications across Aberdeen.

CC queried the situation of the temporary car park for the James Hutton Institute.

MG replied that there is a requirement for it to be restored to its original condition.

Matters for Discussion with Ward Councillors.

RF thanked MG for sending the email that informed the Community Council about the ownership of the core path behind Burnieboozle Crescent.

MG reported that the shrubs and trees on the site are being managed by a residential factor. Dandara is responsible for it.

CM Reported that there are two new bus stops on Countesswells Rd.

He asked what the street sweepers are meant to do with leaves.

MG replied that they are not allowed to sweep up the leaves.


There being no further business, WS thanked everyone for their attendance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday, 2nd April 2024 at 7.00 pm, online.